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Paua shell Picking Tour

First Time Experience Tour (Tour 1)

Paua Hunting in Kaikōura

Paua Hunting Tour

Date: 7th of January 2022, 10:00am

Price : $99

Paua hunting is the first tour of First Time Experience Tour. After an earthquake at Kaikoura, Paua hunting was temporarily banned but now it is allowed again. Kaikoura is known as one of the best Paua habitats, and our tour team also knows our own secret hunting spot. Do not miss this great chance. Each Paua costs quite a lot if you had to buy one.

The maximum number of people is 4, and the priority will go to those who book first.

Click the image above for booking or inquiries

Things to bring

Eextra clothes to get change, towel, aqua shoes (slippers are dangerous), gloves, knife for collecting Paua, any containers for Paua etc.