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About Us

‘NewK Solution' was established in 1990 by Korean immigrants in New Zealand who have experience living in both Korea and New Zealand. We have a passion for helping new Korean immigrants to settle in New Zealand in the best possible way. We do this by providing the most accurate information about life in New Zealand, including the education systemtravelimmigration considerationsand studying abroad. 

New Zealand is a young country with a relatively short history. Yet migration is an essential part of New Zealand’s identity. Every person who came to this country, whether by waka, by ship or by plane, came as a migrant.

In recent times, migration from Asia in particular has become increasingly common. New Zealand’s Asian communities are growing and adding to the multiculturalism of the society. The young generation of Asian New Zealanders are writing their own story.

In response to this social trend, we are doing our utmost to provide the most honest and trusted information about life in New Zealand to all Koreans, whether in New Zealand or in Korea.

Life in a foreign country is more difficult than we might expect. Therefore, we regularly gather information from many local sources to provide the most accurate and up-to-date advice, individually tailored to the needs of our clients.

現뉴질랜드입시강의 /現한▪미▪영입시강의 
前민병철토플, 이알피아이엘츠강사 
前굿모닝증권및전경련회관CEO 영어출강