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Life Coaching

We specialise in providing professional services in a wide area of education sectors. 

Viser Education, one of the subsidiaries of NewK Solution, is based in Christchurch and has a reputation for strong, trusting relationships with customers which we have cultivated over years.

The world continues to change, especially now as we enter the fourth industrial revolution. To adjust to this rapidly evolving society, we provide our 'Life coaching' service to guide you and help you to develop your critical and creative thinking skills.

Our ‘Life Coaching’ programme includes NCEA (National Certificate of Educational Achievement: the academic qualification of secondary education, requisite for entering tertiary education in New Zealand) preparation, a reading and writing academy, mentors for self-studying coaching and bibliotherapy.

NCEA English

Our English tutor of 20 years of experience who taught many local students will help you develop your reading, writing, insight, and logical thinking skills through different academic studies, such as literature study, film and essay criticising, and poetic essay study. (for high school students)

English Grammar Academy

Our grammar class is customised for each individual student based on Oxford and SAT textbooks. (for mid-high school students)

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Growing Creative Thinking skills by Essay Writing

Our essay academy is focused on developing reading/writing, language skills, critical thinking, and life insight. The academy is held with various social topics such as politics, economy, culture, history, and technology. (for mid-high school students)

Study Coaching

We build our own self-studying strategy for each individual student based on their character and school year level. Our study coaching service also includes parent consulting for the education guidance of their children. (for mid-high school students)

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Literary Mental Health Consulting

Our mental health consulting of using the literary method will help you ease your mental concerns and find your lost mind. (for all age group)

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IT Education

We provide IT education such as coding and video shooting/editing, which might be useful for your work and everyday life. (for all age group)